Marketing Photography, continued…

Events: Getting People to Come

We should also know other ways of reaching our target markets. When and where do clients or customers congregate? In our industry, there is (or used to be) a biennial event called an “advertising congress.” We cannot afford not to be there. There are also annual events such as printing and graphic expos, and of course, those organized by the different sectors we serve – the food industry, car manufacturers, construction and real estate developers (since we do aerial and architectural photography), and also by the marketing and advertising associations in the country.

Events are a popular way of reaching potential customers, and reconnecting with old ones. Do some research on what kinds of activities or topics your clients are interested in – sports, photography, writing, technology, travel. Your studio-sponsored event could be a fun activity or a serious learning session. It could even be something relevant to the times, not necessarily to photography, such disaster preparedness. Before embarking on an event, do a preliminary survey by offering your clients a list of topics. Make a survey also of your clients’ preferred schedule. Based on your clients’ responses to your survey questions, you could then plan the event. Invite a resource speaker. Serve light snacks (it’s a good time to show off your cooking or baking skills), and offer some souvenir items that feature your photography or list your services.

If you have a small studio and your activity needs to be indoors, it might help to schedule your guests in batches – twenty people a month every month might prove to be more intimate and effective, than all of 240 guests in one grand party.

Check out hot ideas. When Facebook started to become popular, we had a Facebook party in our studio. We set up lights and clients gamely posed for their profile photos. We provided props – wigs, sunglasses, hats -the kinds used in photo booths- and everyone thought that was a ton of fun. Of course, we also had ourselves photographed with them, and quickly posted their pictures on our Facebook page where they were tagged. We invited a rock band composed of people from the advertising industry, provided refreshments, and ensured that everyone enjoyed. In addition to sharing digital files, we also printed their photos using a Canon Selphy printer and they gladly took home their copies. When we did our client calls, we were very pleased to see these photos framed and placed on their desks or displayed on their boards.

Go ahead, connect with clients and customers.