Marketing, continued… Face to Face Meetings

While the Internet has long “arms” that reach every part of the world, nothing beats a handshake between you and your current or prospective client in a face-to-face meeting. So again, take out a calendar or date book (the version on your computer is fine) to schedule appointments to call on your clients. You won’t even need to wine and dine them at expensive restaurants – a quick, meet-me-up-for-coffee at Starbucks, Coffee Bean or Figaro would do. Give yourself a target number of clients per week or month to meet face to face, and find ways to meet them – parties, events, product launches, trade shows, sports events, seminars/workshops. Sometimes you attend, and sometimes you organize/host these meet-ups. Show them the new photography that you are doing. If you are social friends with your clients, that’s even better – as you can invite them to celebrations not only in your studio but also in your own home, just as they can invite you to theirs. Hey, maybe, you shouldn’t be bringing your portfolio to those parties! But then again, why not? A handy iPad could contain a lot of photos. Show them only a small, but impressive and recent, selection.